Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Go Biscuits!??

A friend just told me about this minor league baseball team. i didn't believe him so i had to check it out. This is no joke, but this is...
(When you read this, every other line glance up at the biscuit mascot on the hat.)

The Biscuit Rap

yo, our team is the truth, yeah we da biscuits.
don't laugh "B" cuz we run dis business.
a witness try to testify against us,
but we gangstuz and da case got dismissed, cuz...

we da muthaf#&%'in biscuits
playaz tryin to end us, but they can't
we da muthaf#&%'in biscuits

yeah! damn right I said, "BISCUIT!"
all dem other playaz are "Triscuits"
all dry be tastin like paper bitses.
chill "B" can i get a witness?


the fourth samba said...

Mark, is that you on the raps or the mascot's cheer?! Cuz ya mean, sounds like you,b!

Art Dixon said...

Yeah dawg! I be killin it!

PurplePigeon said...

too funny...a biscuit mascot? whats next PBnJ?

Art Dixon said...

or...Lets go Bagels! Lets go! Lets go Bagels! Lets go!

The Divine Miss Em said...

haha... I need a summer job... what size is the biscuit costume?