Sunday, March 19, 2006

Amy Sillman is favorite

I see her paintings as impulsive, child-like, sort-of-abstract, sublime, sharp, honest, exploding with color, atmospheric, rhythmic, complex, violent, unsettling and beautiful.
A balance of disturbance and intrigue is a quality I seek in my own work, and I feel this when I look at her paintings. Also, I like her merging of complex abstraction with childish cartooning.
She did one of the "Ramp Projects" at the ICA back in Dec. 2004. Some of you may have seen it. I didn't. But some photos can be seen here.


Lynne Ghenov said...

her paintings are really beautiful. the first one you posted reminds me so much of heaven. they are the type of paintings I like to keep going back and looking again and again. they are packed with stories.

Art Dixon said...

yes, wonderful expression and self revelation, raw half told stories keeping our eyes full. and i like how it doesn't get too serious, the color and the glimpses of childish drawings make it magical.