Thursday, March 23, 2006

daddy can i go see Animals Collection?

Nix Noltes-$13

Animal Collective-$13

Sleeping... Playing with cell phone...
In the middle of the show.-Infuriating!

Rubens left out a fourth thing on the list he made entitled "3 things that get the dix ticked".
#4-Kids who, with the help of their enabling parents, buy up all the Animal Collective tickets (so my friends can't go), and then, instead of watching the whatchamacallits, they sleep in booths and play with their expensive cell phones.

The Animal Collective show was the illist. Nix Noltes was the opener, a fun high school marching band sounding crew, that made a few heads bob and a few bobs whistle. I tolerated about three songs before i started plotting of ways to end them without getting tossed out.
Then the Animals came out and the madness began. Starting out with some stuff i hadn't heard before they set out on a brilliant set that included mostly songs from their latest, "Feels", including the song "Banshee Beat" my fav from the album. (sorry Rube no "Leaf House"). They played for about two hours and the show ended approx. midnight.
It was nice to enjoy the show sitting down, a luxury the church doesn't afford, however, most of the real fans where packed in at the front of the stage and I found myself surrounded by wasted space/tickets. I don't normal hate this much on other fans of bands that i like, but on the real, they aren't fans just "urban outfitter" mannequins.


the fourth samba said...

Unbelievable (PERIOD) As we spoke about it today I kept thinking "Don't they know that shows get sold out"! So kids, listen to uncle Mark, if you come to shows make sure you know just a little bit about who you are coming to see so that those of us, namely "me" the other guy "myself" and his uncle "I", who actually wanted to watch the show and would only take his cell phone to a show in case his wife would call in need of something!!! But you know you can't dig everything you go see, but c'mon sleeping and rapping to your friends at home, nah. Have mercy on us old heads.

Art Dixon said...

Old Head is right! Happy Birthday you ravishing 31 year old!

Wasn't nice when you finished your comment you just typed in your user and password, i bet it was.

the fourth samba said...

Thanks B! How did it "the go!" last noche? I'll talk to you in a few minutes..

Ollie J said...

Errr.... I knew I read this post a looong time ago. Funny thing is - I just pulled up a video of this show on Utoob to listen while I worked. Cool that you were there.