Thursday, April 03, 2008

Run Wrake


Brian said...

Hey, Mark. Brian (your cousin) here. I was googling and I came upon this site. I hope you're doing well. I enjoyed the cartoon. Until the point when the little girls chases the bunny with the knife, I was wondering if I should have Isabel (my 5 yr old) come in and watch it with me. I heard last year that you have a daughter as well. Congratulations. (I hope you don't mind me posting this on your site.)

Anonymous said...
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Mark Dixon said...

Don't mind at all. yeah, Charlotte was born last Sept. Loving fatherhood, a lot of sacrifice but still enjoying every sec.
nice to hear from you.
the video is definitely strange but at the same time enjoyable to watch but not for kids for sure.

Mark Dixon said...

brian, do you have a blog?

Mr. J said...

Yo Mark! I too have found your blog from google. Sometimes I google people I knew back in the day to see if they got famous and rich so I can hit them up for some money. So far, no luck.

Anyways... nice blog! Congrats on being a dad. We had a baby born in August last year. Definitely changes things, but I wouldn't change a thing!?!

This cartoon is creepy. I also went and saw all of Baby Cakes Diaries because of your blog. Thanks. Hit me up in New Mexico sometime. Summer started a blog right before we got married. She puts lots of stuff on it. Sometimes I post about ping pong.

Anyways, how is it going??

Oh yeah - this is Oliver!