Monday, November 13, 2006

In the Studio

Here are some pics of newer work.


Eunia said...

are these yours??? so many of 'em... if so, you've been productive! i like!!

Art Dixon said...

Not as productive as I'd like to be.
Thanks E.

Eunia said...

art dixon, thanks for reading/looking at my camden town site! hey by the way i meant to mention that i like the wall arrangement of your work in that last photo.

the fourth samba said...

allright let's break it down:

1st: Pinata nose game. Contestants are encouraged to hit the pinata with a nose bat

2nd: Art Dixon as a chubby kid on the weekend looking for his mom in the supermarket

3rd: Art Dixon with a Def Lepard t-shirt

4th: after party aka the Emergency room

5th: memory loss at the age of 5 after downing a McChicken

6th: birthday party at Mc D's with participants

Art Dixon said...

Rubix I should have you write my bio.

the fourth samba said...

Bro, that jawn has been on the works for a minute.