Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My students are working on a project in groups of two using everyday object to make sculptures. There was an odd number so I am working with a student. We are using clothes hangers. She made this small piece today.


Eunia said...

cool! hey sorry to hear about your wife's neck. poor thing.

Dayton said...

Me likey the hangers. Are you familiar with Tom Friedman's cereal boxes?


These were made by combining multiple cereal boxes together. The Cheerios box was five of them, in strips, and the Total box was nine, in tiny cubes.

What's up with Kelly's neck? You don't have to tell me publicly...

Art Dixon said...

Yeah I did see those. Maybe when I was looking for pics online or something.

Public don't read: Kelly woke up monday with a muscle spasm or something. she's feeling better, I will tell her you asked...