Tuesday, April 21, 2009

David Gordon Green interview

Here is an interesting interview with filmmaker David Gordon Green. Green made one of my favorite movies George Washington which is set in Winston Salem, NC. I was just down there at a wedding.

"My house looks like a fourteen-year-old kid stole some cash and ran away from home, decorated it with his ass. There’s remnants of my toilet-seat watercolor painting high-school art phase—I used to paint on toilet seats I would find in the garbage. A large horned whitetail deer head that’s mounted on my chimney—a kill my grandfather made when he was young. He died last week. A suit of armor I won at a carnival in San Antonio. A treasure chest from olden times. A collection of medicine and doctor tools from the ’20s I got out of my great aunt’s house in Mangum, Oklahoma, when she died at 102 years old. An old douche bag I stole from an abandoned funeral home. A piece of chewed bubblegum I sculpted into a square that this pretty girl Erica Bader gave me in the fifth grade after she told me she liked my Gumby half-shirt."

George Washington, 2000

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