Thursday, May 03, 2007

Album Covers that I Like

Rubens dared me to make a visual list of some of my favorite album covers, it was like this: "Rob and I are doing it you should too!"

Why I like dem:

Milo's cartoon is so simple that any kid can draw it all over his school folders

The passion displayed in the expression of Juan Garcia's face

OK Computer is just a brilliant cover, I think it fits perfectly

Howard Finster is one of my favorite artists

When I first saw this album I thought it was a copy and that my friend did the drawing

I love that color of red and the whiteout splatter makes it!

Deerhoof albums are all good. This one is so creepy and playful, is that banana really coming from the MILKMAN's butt?

Bjork's cutest picture, adorable, beautiful, lovable.

This cover is even cool with out the 3D glasses it came with to view it.

Smoking is cooler in pictures than in real life and again the red.


the fourth samba said...

NIce, I knew I could make you do it. Besides this is right up your alley. I thought about putting the Tortoise cover also. Again, any cover with somebody smoking is immediately cool. But I have to say that my fave of yours is the Howard Finster's Talking Heads joint as well.
When I first heard the expression "Peer pressure", I thought they were saying "Beer Pressure" then I thought to myself, hmm I wonder if deer could fly if they had wings.

The Drawings of Rob Matthews said...

I bought that Talking Heads record on vinyl just so I could have the Finster image large enough to look at it properly. Much better than his REM cover.
I like that Bjork cover a lot too. Reminds me of 1993.