Sunday, August 13, 2006

3 places i went this summer

Arches National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Tetons National Park


Kate said...

Well Howdy! I went to Disney World. Top that. Hey I'm getting a shirt like that for my birthday. Laura is getting it for me!

Art Dixon said...

Kate, How's it going? A shirt like what? Hit me up on the email.

the fourth samba said...

YO, is that Jim James on the last pic? Lemme find out, b! YO the second one is gorgeous, man! Glad to see you back, homes.

Dayton said...

I can tell those are fake. The shadow is wrong. Nice try.

Art Dixon said...

Dayton. Thats so funny! These pics are real. I went out west for a week this summer with some friends.
Talk to God (the maker of earf or Canon (the maker of my camera) about the shadows being wrong.