Saturday, May 13, 2006

From Red Hook to Greenpoint

Went to visit friend and brother in NYC last week. Ben wanted to do a photo shoot after I got lost in Brooklyn for 4 hrs. after 4 hrs. of sleep.


Katie Z said...

Oh my. The fro is back. It probably has been back. But I have not seen your fro for awhile!! Yay for the fro. So when is Kelly making you get your yearly haircut? =P

Art Dixon said...

she actually likes it...this month!

Daniel Nairn said...

My Mom sawed your brother

the fourth samba said...

The Brooklyn lark
skylarked in the williams
in the pouring rain
parked the ark
adjacent to a friend
sickened by the same
thursday morn
sniffles brained
trained by compass abilities
North Carolina southern terrain
pure insane
check the homosapien type mane
"no sleep til' Brooklyn" was over
like the shore Of Saxon
Germany's Hanover
girl in the booth saw a token
yelled out: "Hand it over"
Oh Noah!
Used the same word twice
No 3 times
Now I'm over.

the fourth samba said...

last line should've said "game over"

Mark, greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt le pic, b!

Art Dixon said...

Dan-yeah, on the subway. how strange!


fill your rhymes
cuz i
feel your rhymes

the fourth samba said...

Strange subways
filled fthe rhymes
without decadence
never decaying always
New York city became Philly
in a matter of 2 days
my man is illing
influenza minus flu case
still at work rocking
the Jewish afro
pick is picked out
on the worn out flow
making movies for the cinema
stashed Hollywood with an anema
to let the sky glow
the illest behind the digital type bro
no Joe Schmo
white tea with peppermint
throughout the year
brand new mark is in your ear

The Divine Miss Em said...

Oh I love your picture! Ben should do a family portrait of us!!!!!!