Monday, January 23, 2006

Ensor made me do it

So Kelly gave me this great book on james ensor for christmas. this guy is really wacky and i love it. his work has inspired me in painting and now his drawings are getting me into drawing again. painting has always been my pleasure and i have yet to lose intrest in it or at least take a break from it. however, this hasn't been the case for drawing. i have gone through month long periods of not drawing and not missing it a single bit. after looking at ensor's drawings i am refreshed. they incorporate observation soaked in imagination. He masterfully fuses reality with the spiritual and metaphysical. Its wonderful. Here are a few images from the book. ensor has made me excited about drawing again!


Daniel Nairn said...

Crazy Lady, I'm utterly glad that you are doing available posting of your work, so that I can keep doing looking of your work.

Art Dixon said...

oh how i wish these were my drawings! nope! they are ensor's but i will post some stuff soon.